Resbalón / viaje y caída

Some people assume that slipping on a wet floor or tripping on a loose tile can’t be too serious, but it causes injuries that bring devastating lifetime changes. Often, slips, trips, and falls will catch you unawares when you are unprepared for the impact and unforeseen medical inconveniences. Kap Law handles slip, trip, and fall cases resulting from unsafe and defective properties.

Property owners are liable for any severe injuries to unsuspecting victims due to negligence. Victims of injuries from defective and unsafe properties deserve compensation, and we can make sure that they are sufficiently compensated.

Qué hacer si se lesiona en un resbalón / tropiezo y una caída

Most victims assume that there is no one to blame for their injuries. However, if you have a strip/trip and fall accident in a public area, it may be due to unsafe conditions such as:

  • Wet and slippery floors
  • Uneven flooring
  • Cracked, wobbly, or uneven sidewalks
  • Unexpected obstacles
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Weak stairs and balconies
  • Snow and ice

How Kap Law proves your case

If you have a slip/trip and fall-related injury, it can be hard for an inexperienced lawyer to prove that the injury was caused due to the property owner’s negligence. Kap Law understands how frustrating it can be for our clients; we will:

  • Prove that the property owner had a duty of care to the injured party.
  • Prove that the property owner neglected their duty of care.
  • Reveal that neglecting the duty of care caused the injury.
  • Prove that the injuries caused significant damage.

With our help, our clients can receive compensation for the rehabilitation and medical expenses following a slip/trip and fall incident. 

*Under Pennsylvania law, you have two years from the date of the incident to initiate a premises liability claim.

How Kap Law can help you with your slip/trip and fall claim

Kap Law specializes in slip/trip, and fall claims to acquire compensation for our clients. We have a dedicated team of experienced experts ready to defend your rights. We are not intimidated by big corporations and insurance companies. Kap Law works tirelessly to fight for the maximum compensation that you deserve. Contact us today to get the best personal injury attorney for top-rated slip/trip and fall claims representation.