Pennsylvania and New Jersey residents and consumers trust companies to manufacture safe products for their families. As such, Pennsylvania and New Jersey companies must comply with a high standard of care when dealing with everyday products. Defective products can cause injuries to you and your loved ones. If you or your loved ones have sustained injuries due to defective products, you are entitled to compensation. 

At Kap Law, we fight big corporations to ensure you get the maximum compensation you deserve. Under Pennsylvania law, sellers of defective products are strictly held liable for consumer injuries.

When should you contact a defective products lawyer/attorney?

Many companies are producing various products for everyday consumption. As such, the number of defective products is on the rise. Manufacturers have a duty to test the products before releasing them for use. This ensures that the products are functional and safe for use. When a company is negligent in designing a safe product and testing it before releasing it to the public, serious injuries can occur.

You should contact a defective products lawyer immediately after someone has sustained injuries caused by a defective product.  

defective products liability

Defective Products Liability Applies to:

  • Children’s Toys and Furniture
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Household Appliances
  • Machinery and tools
  • Chemicals
  • Indoor and Outdoor Furniture
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Food

Defective products can cause different injuries, which include poisoning, burns, scarring, broken limbs, hair loss, disfigurement, etc. if a defective product is already in the market and manufacturers are aware of its potential harm. They have a legal and moral obligation to recall the product. 

If a product is allowed to be on the market under Pennsylvania and New Jersey law and it contains harmful substances, manufacturers have a legal and moral obligation to put a clear warning label on the product so that buyers are aware of the potential harm that this product can bring to them or their loved ones.

How can Kap Law help with a Defective product liability?

Manufacturers cannot escape the responsibility when a defective product is on the market. With Kap Law, you can be able to prove that a manufacturer neglected their duty to produce a product that is safe for consumption, and that their negligence caused you harm. Regardless of the severity of the injury, you are entitled to compensation, and Kap Law will ensure that you get the maximum compensation you deserve. 

Kap Law specializes in defective products liability cases. We have a dedicated team of experienced experts ready to defend your rights. We are not intimidated by big corporations and insurance companies. Kap Law works tirelessly to fight for the maximum compensation that you deserve. Contact us today to get the best personal injury attorney for top-rated defective products liability representation.