Most dogs are relatively calm unless they are provoked. But some dogs can be innately dangerous and likely to cause severe injuries if their owners do not keep them properly under control. Dogs may tend to charge at and bite people if they feel threatened or spooked. Dog attacks can lead to severe injuries and sometimes even death. 

Although most dog owners are diligent in keeping their dogs under control, some are negligent of their responsibilities and, therefore, may be liable for any harm the dog causes. In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, dog owners are responsible for preventing dogs from attacking people. Therefore, they may be liable for a suit when the dog bites anyone on public property or legally on private property.

Causes of Dog Bite Accidents

There are different types of dog injuries. A dog does not necessarily have to bite you in order to harm you. An overexcited dog can jump on a visitor and push them to a fatal fall or chase a victim and cause severe injuries sustained as they are fleeing. Every year, numerous people in New Jersey and Pennsylvania require medical attention because of a dog bite. If a dog injures someone, dog owners are legally required to:

  1. Get a special license
  2. Put warning signs on their property
  3. Keep the dog in an enclosed space or let the dog out with a strong lease and a muzzle

Dogs may appear loving and fun to play with, but a dangerous dog can cost you several trips to the hospital and impair your ability to go to work. If a dog has injured you, you have a right to seek compensation for the pain and suffering, medical costs incurred, and time lost that would instead have been used at work. KapLaw will tirelessly fight for your rights to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

When is a dog owner liable for injuries caused by their dog

  1. If the dog is out in public without a collar and lease. 
  2. If a dog harms someone who was legally on the owner’s property.
  3. If the owner is negligent of their responsibilities or intentionally allows the dog to harm a person or a domesticated pet.

What will KapLaw lawyers do for you?

  1. Prove that the dangerous dog owner displayed negligence.
  2. Prove that the injuries caused you pain and suffering physically or psychologically.
  3. Show the impact that the injuries have had on the quality of your everyday-life
  4. Prove that you have lost income as a result of the dog bite accident
  5. Secure a financial settlement that reflects your grief and any other costs incurred.