When we lose a loved one, we hope to give them a funeral or a cremation as an ode to their life. We trust that funeral homes will treat the deceased with dignity and respect and honor their memories, but some funeral homes abuse the trust we place in them. Due to negligence, greed, or perversion, funeral homes tend to cause physical damage to the deceased and financial and emotional damage to their families. However, we can ensure that funeral homes that are negligent in their responsibilities are held accountable. 

When should I contact a funeral home malpractice lawyer?

If you or your loved one have been abused or neglected by a funeral home, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Funeral home malpractice often results from incompetence, greed, corruption, deception, or perversion. Although most funeral homes attend to the deceased and their families with respect, funeral home malpractice cases may sometimes go unnoticed. It is completely unacceptable for funeral homes to engage in the following:

  • Maiming or sexually abusing the corpse
  • Improper or inadequate embalming
  • Robbing the corpse
  • Commingling of multiple corpses’ ashes
  • Delivering the deceased to the wrong gravesite
  • Mishandling, dropping, or losing the body
  • Placing the wrong body in the coffin or casket
  • Placing multiple bodies in one coffin or casket

To ensure that funeral homes are held accountable for their actions, KapLaw tirelessly works to prove liability by ensuring that we complete the following:

  • Collect evidence proving that the funeral home was responsible for treating the deceased and their families respectfully and honestly, and they failed to do so.
  • Prove that the funeral home breached its legal obligation to avoid harming the deceased
  • Prove that the funeral home was responsible for the abuse and negligence and they are therefore liable for personal injury
  • Prove that the funeral home’s negligence caused physical injuries to the deceased and financial and emotional damage to the deceased’s family.
  • Secure compensation for injuries caused by the funeral home’s negligence

If your loved one has been neglected or abused by a funeral home, you are entitled to fair compensation for emotional distress, funeral expenses, loss of life’s enjoyment, and other unexpected costs.

What will KapLaw do for you?

Funeral home malpractice cases vary greatly. As such, every case is treated with special attention to ensure that the facts of that case are carefully reviewed, and the evidence is solid enough to prove the funeral home’s liability. If your dearly departed loved one was neglected, abused, and mishandled, you deserve to get answers to your questions and give them a good send-off. KapLaw treats each case with the sensitivity it requires to put you on a path of uninterrupted grief and restore your loved one’s dignity. Contact us today for top-rated personal injury representation and funeral home claims compensation.